MultiTexture- Teak Wood Planks (8x)

Teak Wood Planks

8 Different high resolution Teak Wood plank textures, can be used with Floor Generator or other similar tools/plugins.

Plank Size:
200×15 Centimeter

3D scanned

Resolutions Included: (per plank)
31k: 31.119 x 2.383
16k: 16.384 x 1.254
8k: 8.192 x 627
4k: 4.096 x 313

File Format:

Maps included per plank:
– 8x Albedo (Color/Diffuse)
– 8x Normal
– 8x Roughness

End-Grain Textures that match the planks are available here: Teak End-Grain Textures


teak wood texture

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